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Activity to Lower Blood Pressure

Timeless Fitness Tip

Use activity can lower your blood pressure. It works. High blood pressure is becoming a serious threat to the health of all Americans today. Here we go again pushing exercise!

Well, yes but there is good news. You only need to do a mere 10 minutes, three times a day, of moderate, aerobic activity to aid in lowering your blood pressure. This could be taking a walk, riding a bike, taking stairs, etc. Check out our Mini Cardio Work Outs for two great 10-minute mini workouts that will get your heart pumping!

In a recent study, those who incorporated three 10-minute bursts of exercise, five days out of the week, reduced their blood pressure an average systolic (the top number) of eight points and a drop of five points in diastolic pressure (the bottom number).

If you use a little creativity, this should not be difficult to accomplish.

Prescription for Hypertension

Blood Pressure Cuff Exercise appears to have a powerful blood pressure-lowering effect on people with hypertension - it may be more effective than a low salt diet and blood pressure medications. A study of more than 17,000 people found that, among people with hypertension, those who exercised saw their systolic blood pressure (the top number) drop by an average of 4 mmHg below that of the hypertensive patients who did not exercise. Studies have shown that just a 2-mmHg reduction in blood pressure can reduce the risk of coronary artery disease by four percent and stroke by six percent.

Simple Suggestions for 10-Minute Cardio

If you are shopping at the mall, take 10 minutes to walk around the entire mall. After dinner, take a ten minute walk - not only will this aid in reducing blood pressure, it will up your metabolism enough to last the better part of the night - even while you sleep. If it is a nice day outside, park further away from your destination.

All these little 10 minute spurts can add up to weight loss in addition to lowering your blood pressure.

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