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Dangers of Weight Training

Timeless Fitness Tip

Proper Precautions

Hands and Feet The number of individuals who are weight training has steadily increased over the past 20 years. With this increase, the number of injuries to weight trainers has increased. Most injuries take place in the home, to the hands and feet. The most common reason for this type of injury is the lack of correct technique and proper safety precautions.

When starting a weight-training program, it is extremely important to learn the correct lifting technique for each exercise. Start with light weights that will allow you to work on proper form. You should be able to perform easily and correctly one set of 15 repetitions.

You can gradually add weight during the first few weeks and lower the number of repetitions. The training objective of the beginning weight lifter is to perfect form and to learn to concentrate on the muscle being exercised.

A workout partner is helpful for spotting, motivating, and aiding you in the correct technique.

Dangers of Weight Training Can Occur When Power Lifting

A Good Spotter

  • If your partner is benching and the barbell stops moving, don't touch the bar until it stops moving up and starts moving down.
  • Keep yourself free of weights - in other words, don't be holding any weight - while your partner is lifting. Be ready to assist with both hands.
  • Spot the barbell, not the lifter. Never grab the lifter by his arms, etc., always grab the weights if your partner needs assistance.

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