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Train your Body to Burn Fat

Timeless Fitness Tip

Fat Cells

Fat cells are the storage bins digested food not used by the body. To reduce the size of fat cells, the body must use fat your body has stored. The muscles in your body always burn a combination of both sugar and fat. In other words, your muscles are working around-the-clock, therefore using up some energy it pulls from both sugars (carbs) and fats.

Learn to Train Your Body to Burn Fat

When your exercise is aerobic (walking, jogging, swimming, etc.), you are burning mostly fat.

Train Your Body to Burn Fat Exercising

When your exercise is anaerobic (sprinting, tennis, weight lifting), you are burning mostly sugar. If your main goals are to burn calories and reduce body fat, aerobic exercise is the answer. In addition to burning fat, it will train the muscles to burn mostly fat for fuel all the time. And as the muscles strengthen, they also burn more fat.


Over-eating will decrease the ability of the cells to release fat during exercise. Adrenaline sends messages to the fat cells to release fat during exercise. However, adenosine, another hormone, tells the cells to hold onto their fat. Exercise will help the fat cells ignore adenosine. Over-eating, on the other hand, reduces the ability of the cells to do this.

In order for the body to give up fat from the cells more easily, it is important to eliminate over-indulgence of food, inappropriate food choices, or self-reward of food after exercise.

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