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Three Simple Motivation Tips

Timeless Fitness Tip

Many people have a hard time sticking to their exercise program. It is common for people to start and stop several exercise programs in a single year. Many people do try extremely hard initially, exhaust themselves, and feel defeated, and quit.

Exhausted? Try these three simple motivation tips.

You can change this crash and burn exercise habit with the following three suggestions.

The Three Simple Motivation Tips

1) Make realistic fitness goals based on your present lifestyle. Evaluate the amount of time you can realistically spend in an exercise program over the next year. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many days per week can I exercise?
  • How many minutes per day can I spare?

Be Good to Yourself Develop an exercise program that can be used within your personal time available. Learn simple exercises you can do when you're in a time crunch at your desk during breaks or other parts of the day.

2) Demonstrate the Short Term Results. You can't, or shouldn't, lose 10 pounds in a week and you certainly can't develop muscle mass in 2 weeks. However, there are some results that do happen fast.

  • Resting heart rate improves
  • Energy levels increase
  • Stress response improves
  • Improved sleep

3) Reward Yourself! Develop a list of rewards you will give yourself for meeting participation goals. Do this on a weekly and monthly basis.

Astonishing things occur when you start to align with your Self and associate to your higher purpose in the world. You'll discover much support. You're never alone on this journey.

Become a Diary Dieter

Keep a daily journal of what and when you eat. It's easier to stick to goals when you are recording every nibble...and you are also less likely to scratch the whole day after overindulgence. Review your entries from time to time to identify eating trends. Include affirming notes about goals, exercise accomplishments, etc. We even offer free printable food diary's: Food Diary I and Food Diary II. See also: Keeping a Food Diary

See also: Motivation for Weight Loss Goals

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