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Exercise During the Holiday Season

Timeless Fitness Tip

Exercise offers an excellent solution to three of the major challenges that everyone tends to face during the holiday season. These three most common challenges are as follows.

  1. Eating larger amounts of fattier foods and more sweets. Think candy and cookies.
  2. Dealing with increased levels of stress due to holiday pressure, parties and time crunches.
  3. Becoming more vulnerable to the winter "blahs." For some, this is a very painful time emotionally. Many of us forget that when we are in the heart of fun festivities.

Build a snowman for exercise during the holiday season.

The first holiday challenge addressed by exercise is the delicious but oh-so-heavy foods that we thoroughly enjoy every year. Studies have shown that indulging on these foods once in a while does not have a long-term effect on our overall weight. However, they can leave us feeling slow and sluggish afterward. Do treat yourself, but don't gorge. There's always a middle ground!

People with digestion problems may also regret some of their holiday indulgences. By exercising up to one hour after a meal, we can raise our energy levels and aid our digestive processes.

Getting moving is also good for our cardiovascular system after we've been sitting at a dinner table or on a living room couch for hours at a time.

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