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Duration of Workouts

Timeless Fitness Tip

The harder and longer you work out, the better the results, right? No, wrong.

In truth, after a certain period of time, exercise can actually be counter-productive. Too much exercise over taxes your body's ability to recover between workouts. This results in muscle loss and over-training - a condition that zaps your energy levels and decreases your health.

Exercise Rest from Duration of Exercise

The key to successful exercise is to stimulate your muscles as quickly and intensely as possible, then stop. Afterwards, provide adequate time and optimal nutrients for proper repair of the tissue. This will give you stronger, more toned muscles and speedier fat loss.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Happy Exercisers

Lifestyle changes can be effective to avoid over-exercising, over-eating, etc. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Think of changes as permanent. This problem is a marathon not a sprint.
  • Exercise must be worked into one's lifestyle. This not only will help with weight loss, but helps you deal with stress and improves over all health.
  • Vegetables are beautiful! Include two servings with every meal.
  • Avoid junk food with high fat and sodium and high sugar contents.
  • Use the power of affirmation and suggestion to help.
  • Reward yourself for small successes.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and don't let small set backs discourage you.

Incorporating these and other changes in your life can produce great long-term benefits, not only in dollars, better health and wellness, but a large amount of pain and suffering as well.

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