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Easier Ways to Exercise

Timeless Fitness Tip

What's Your Exercise Preference?

1. Join a health club where most members are heavy. Many clubs across the country cater to over weight people and you'll feel much more comfortable and will probably make some great new friends. Facilities like this downplay mirrored walls and other body-builder trappings. Check your phone book to see if there is one near you and give this idea some thought. If you find one, go visit it and get a feel for it - you'll know if you still feel uncomfortable and find this just isn't for you.

2. So, you didn't like the health club, or perhaps it was too expensive. Nothing wrong with that. You could give some thought to buying a piece of exercise equipment for your home.

Walking on Treadmill for an easier way to exercise This could be a treadmill, rowing machine or stationary bike or a set of weights for strength. Think this through though, and know that you will commit to using it; not letting it become a clothes hanger or a catch all. If you do opt for a treadmill, check out our Treadmill Tips and get as much mileage out of it as you can - literally!

3. Find ways to get some physical activity each day. Walk rather than drive whenever you can - with gas prices these days, this is more economical, too! If you have an option of stairs or an elevator, take those stairs. If you communicate in the office via e-mail a lot, don't! Walk to the co-worker you need to bring a message to. Apply the same to the phone.

4. If you are troubled with osteoarthritis, try swimming or water aerobics. These are very good calorie burners and are very easy on the joints.

Rake's progress

Want to see fitness grow and stress go? Plant yourself in the garden. A half-hour or more of continuous digging, planting, weeding, pruning, raking and mowing provides an excellent overall workout, raising your heartbeat and burning calories.

  • "We've yet to find a disease state where exercise isn't helpful". --Miriam Nelson, PhD, scientist, Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, Tufts University.

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