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ABCs for Health

Timeless Fitness Tip

Learning and remembering all the pyramid and other food guidelines can be so confusing and in truth, is not as important as actually eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight for you (see How to Calculate Your Ideal Body Weight) and staying active each day.

If all the ever-changing "new rules" seem overwhelming, consider your current eating habits and follow the simple ABCs for better health from the Dietary Guidelines for Good Health.

Expending Energy with Exercise is one of the ABCs for health They are as follows.

  • Aim for fitness.
  • Build a healthy base.
  • Choose sensibly.

How Healthy Are You?

In terms of minimum requirements, according to experts, you can count yourself healthy if you meet each of the guidelines below. While these requirements may seem very basic to most exercisers, the sad truth is that probably only about half of American adult's could pass this test.

  • Your blood pressure is 140/90 or lower. Ideal BP is 120/80 or lower.
  • Your total cholesterol level is 200 or less. Ideal cholesterol level is 150 or lower.
  • Your blood sugar level is below 110. Ideal blood sugar level is 90.
  • You can walk three to four miles in an hour.
  • You exercise three times a week for at least 20 minutes.
  • Most of your excess body fat is below your belt.

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