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Men Need Beauty Sleep, Too

Timeless Fitness Tip

A lack of quality sleep may contribute to love handles and double chins. There appears to be a link between middle age spread and men's sleep patterns.

Men need beauty sleep, too

Researchers at the University of Chicago found that the quality of men's sleep decreases with age along with the body's production of growth hormone. This drop is thought to lead to flab. And as you know, that flab can lead to any number of other problems.

Researchers know one thing for certain - that certain types of sleeping pills or hormone injections can slow signs of aging. Increasing deep sleep can increase growth hormone. By the time many men reach the age of 45, they have nearly lost the ability to fall into a deep sleep. They may also awake more frequently during the night and stay awake longer.

It is during deep sleep that men primarily produce growth hormone.

In senior citizens, growth hormone deficiency has been connected to obesity and the loss of muscles mass. Consider the all natural GenF20 HGH supplement to help your body produce the HGH it needs for vitality and longevity.

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