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Target Those Trouble Spots

Timeless Fitness Tip

Some suggestions for ways you can target the most common and most troublesome spots on our bodies to tone.


Shape your shoulders with the shoulder press. Strong shoulders widen making the hips appear smaller as well as adding a nice "V" shape to your torso.

Strong Bones

Build up your bones - Dowager's hump and brittle hips can dim those golden years. Avoid these maladies with the dead lift and squat. It is best to use free weights when doing these exercises for optimal results. Learn proper technique because this is critical to protect your knees and back.

Nurture Your Knees!

Target those trouble spots

Wider hips increase knee strain; active people are eight times more likely to injure a knee. Try wall-sits: Standing a foot away from a wall, lean against it and slide down to a sitting position; your knees should be at a 90-degree angle, your back pressed flat against the wall. Hold the position as long as you comfortably can. Another good exercise is the knee extension. This one is geared toward seniors but is helpful for anyone of any age with knee pain or discomfort.

Tighten Your Triceps

When you wave, do your upper arms wave as well? Perform tricep extensions to firm and tighten this trouble spot. Alternatively, try the lying tricep extension. Or, do both!

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