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Four Quick Tips for Getting Exercise

Timeless Fitness Tip

Tip #1. Start small. Don't worry if you can't achieve much your first time. Exercise and therefore results take time and require patience. If you can't work out for 20 minutes, start with 10 and work up a minute every other day to the 20 minute level.

Happy Exerciser uses the four quick tips for getting exercise!

Tip 2. Keep up your intensity. A treadmill is a GREAT way to kick start any day! If you go on a treadmill for 20 minutes without breaking a sweat, you are not exercising. Sweat is the result of your intensity. Try to keep up your workouts at the level 7 or 8, that is when you are still able to talk, but probably wouldn't want to.

Tip 3. Be consistent. Try exercising 5 to 7 days a week. Here's where you have to be creative and come up with a variety of exercises to keep you going. Remember, you can make exercise boring or fun. The choice is yours.

Tip 4: It is a good idea to exercise in the morning. It gives you energy for the whole day and increases your metabolism. Plus, you don't have as many excuses in the morning, since all you have to do is get up a little earlier. And just get it over with sooner! Try preparing your workout clothes before you go to bed so that when you wake up, you are ready to go!

Note: Exercising at a particular time of the day is strictly an individual choice and should be done according to your own needs and lifestyle.

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