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Dealing With Stress

Timeless Fitness Tip

Relieve Your Stress Levels

Last week we went over some of the warning signs of stress. Here are a few tips on what to do and/or how to do something to help you relieve your stress levels.

Dealing with Stress by Taking a Summer Vacation

Get out of town. A vacation or even a week-end get-away is a terrific way to to relax and re-group. This puts some distance between you and your stress triggers and can often help you achieve a new outlook on things. Just be sure when you leave for your get-away you really do get away from your commitments, both physically and mentally. The mind set you bring with you is the key.

Say no to quick fixes of chocolate and caffeine. These things may give you a quick boost, but the effects are short lived. Not long after the original boost, your energy plummets below its pre-snack level. The common response is to eat more chocolate or drink more coffee and going on an energy roller-coaster ride. Occasional indulgences are fine, but if you rely on caffeine and candy regularly, the ups and downs will leave you exhausted. A better pick-me-up would be a protein/fiber/carb-rich snack such as a small handful of nuts or an energy bar.

Walking Silhouette Take a quick, brisk walk. Just 10 minutes can lift your energy for an hour! Outside is best, if practicle and possible.

Avoid emotional energy drainers. Do the people closest to you drone on endlessly about their problems and ailments? BEWARE! Their habits and negative attitudes may rub off on you. Try to balance them with upbeat, active friends who leave you feeling energized and get you smiling.

Make peace with past hurts. You have to make peace with who or what's hurt you or you'll carry that pain with you every day. Try to use your spirit to overcome adversity rather than be done in by it.

Get ample sleep. Sleep rejuvenates and energizes the body and brain. During sleep, the body repairs and builds tissue as well as neural connections in the brain. Sleep specialists say it takes about eight hours of sleep to provide for sixteen hours of wakefulness.

Find a "Feel-Good" hobby. Boredom saps energy in a major way. It is, literally, psychologically fatiguing. Consider your interests, think of something you always wanted to do as a hobby but never took the time to persue. Any number of things can help. Take up gardening, volunteering, (helping someone is the best energy and mood booster!) finding a sport to take up or even learning a foreign language or that dancing class! Try to make the most of your time. Any of the suggestions can be very rewarding!

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