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Anaerobic Exercise

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What is Anarobic?

Anaerobic is a term meaning "without air." In exercise, it refers to strength-building exercises in contrast to endurance exercises. Anaerobic organisms do not need oxygen to grow.

Anaerobic exercises are high-intensity activities you can maintain only for a short period (less than two minutes) due to their strenuous nature, such as sprinting 50 yards.

While aerobic exercise relies on oxygen, anaerobic exercise uses energy stored in the muscle in the form of carbohydrates for burst-like actions.

Anaerobic Exercise

Typically, you repeat anaerobic activities in intervals to create an anaerobic workout. An interval of all-out effort alternates with a "recovery" interval, in which you do a modified version of the same exercise. This helps prevent the build-up of lactic acid, which often causes a burning sensation.

An interval running program, for example, can mean walking for a warm-up (at least five minutes), sprinting for 15 seconds, jogging for 60 seconds. This can be repeated six to twelve times, depending on your fitness level. Many fitness experts recommend Total Body Interval Training# twice a week as part of an overall conditioning routine. Such training builds lean muscles and strong bones and helps you get through daily exertions, such as climbing a staircase.

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