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Hip Tip: Take a Walk

Timeless Fitness Tip

Want to avoid a broken hip? Those who walked on a regular basis have a lower risk of hip fracture.

Hip Tip: Take a Walk

In a study of more than 61,000 people, those who walked for at least four hours a week - but did no other exercise - had a 41-percent lower risk of hip fracture than those who walked for less than one hour a week.

Cold Weather Faster walkers had an even lower risk. Those who walked at an average pace (2 to 2.9 mph) had a 49-percent lower risk than those who walked at an easy pace (less than 2 mph). Those who walked at a brisk pace (3 to 3.9 mph) or very brisk pace (at least 4 mph) cut their risk by 65-percent.

Exercise helped keep hip bones intact among both normal and overweight individuals, but not among women taking estrogen (they already had a lower risk).

Older adults can be affected by heat and cold more than other adults. In extreme cases, exposure to too much heat can cause heat stroke, and exposure to very cold temperatures can lead to hypothermia (a dangerous drop in body temperature). If you are exercising outdoors, dress in layers so you can add or remove clothes as needed, or get a treadmill or drive on over to the mall for some mall walking so you can avoid the weather extremes.

But by all means. . . Take a walk - every day!

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