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Muscles By The Day

Timeless Fitness Tip

Every single day that you fail to use your muscles, they steadily get slacker and weaker. When you lose muscle mass - something that sadly is inevitable with the aging process - you also lose your capacity to burn body fat.

We start losing about a pound of muscle each year after age 25. This steady decline in muscle tissue has a diminishing effect on your resting metabolism, or the rate at which you burn energy while at rest. This is why excess calories are more easily stored as body fat as we age.

Non Strenous Exercises to Grow Muscles by the Day

However, there is no biological reason why we have to lose muscle mass like this. Even if some atrophy has already occurred in your body, new evidence shows that any decline can be reversed after just a few weeks of non-strenuous muscular workouts.

Yoga (not power yoga) is a good example of a non-strenous exercise, as is walking, jumping on a trampoline or water aerobics. Tai chi is another good alternative.

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