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Burning Energy

Timeless Fitness Tip

About three-fourths of the energy you burn each day is spent on basic needs of sleeping, breathing and digesting.

Your body is constantly burning calories, but you must burn off the excess calories to eliminate body fat and increase muscle.

The American Heart Association recommends 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise three to four times a week to promote cardiovascular fitness.

Strong muscles for burning energy

Resistance training doesn't burn excess fat directly, but strengthens and enables muscles to do their job more efficiently. Strong, healthy muscles are vital to burning energy.

In addition, those muscles, once developed, burn fat around the clock - even while sleeping. The addition of some weight bearing exercise also has the benefits of reducing stress without causing fatigue - unless you overdo it, of course! If you do become extremely fatigued after a workout, ease it up to let your body become stronger and more accustomed to weight bearing exercise.

Don't demand too much of yourself right away - in fact, you can expect the process to be slow. For every ten pounds your body loses, one pound will be muscle and nine pounds fat - providing you exercise and cut calories in a sensible way.

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