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Yes, You Need to Exercise

Timeless Fitness Tip

Numerous studies have examined weight-loss programs that involve diet alone, diet plus aerobic exercise and/or diet with aerobic exercise and weight lifting. The studies report that dieting alone results in about the same weight loss as diet plus any form of exercise.

However, more fat is lost and muscle preserved if you add aerobic exercise.

And even more fat is lost and muscle preserved if you add aerobic exercise and weight lifting/resistance training.

So no matter which way you look at it, for long-term weight loss and keeping the pounds off, exercise along with a healthful diet is the key.

Yes, you need to exercise so be good to yourself! If you have time for only one type of activity, do the one you enjoy the most to help you stick with it.

If you're just getting started on a diet and exercise regime, consider cross training. We recommend Cross Training for Fitness# - Using a combination of workout styles and techniques from martial arts, yoga, qigong, sculpting, and Pilates, this DVD combines the best from all disciplines to bring five- 15 minute total body workouts to mix and match.

Non Stop Benefits of Exercise

According to the recommendations and guidelines from numerous U.S. government agencies, including the National Institute on Aging, only about 1 in 4 older adults exercise regularly. Many mistakenly think they are too frail or too old. Not so! Any kind of physical activity can be good for you. Regular, brisk walking can help lower risk of heart disease or depression. Housework, stair climbing or calisthenics can increase stamina and strength, along with self-confidence. See also: Exercise Guidelines for Seniors

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