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Walking for Your Life

Timeless Fitness Tip

Even with a healthy diet, we all know exercise is important.

Exercise, including moderate intensity exercise such as walking, can help keep your weight, blood cholesterol and blood pressure under control and reduce your risk for many chronic diseases.

Walking for your life silhouette

But regular physical activity also can help you feel good by boosting your energy, reducing stress and improving your self-image.

Exercise and a healthy, low-fat diet provide a balanced lifestyle that can keep you active well into your later years.

Walking is a great choice for exercise. It is safe, fun and can be done almost anywhere, by anyone, at any time. All you need is a good pair of shoes and a desire to move! You can also invest in a nice Treadmill# if getting up and going outside isn't always feasible due to weather, time constraints, etc.

Walking Silhouette Walking also provides the same aerobic, fat-burning benefits as many other activities. It is a low-impact, weight-bearing exercise, so it is easy on your joints and helps slow down the bone loss that can occur with aging.

Not sure how to start? Check out Walking for Exercise: An Introduction

Walking Freebie!

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