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Should You Eat Before Exercising?

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Most of us have heard the general "rule" that we should not swim or exercise intensely for at least 15 minutes after eating - many prefer 30 minutes of wait time. Overall, this is good advice to follow.

Should you eat before exercising on your treadmill?

However, exercising on a completely empty stomach isn't necessarily the best idea, either.

Many people start their day with a morning run, or a walk on a treadmill, and will do so before showering and eating. If this works for you, that's great! But food does give us energy and can be utilized as a boost to your workouts.

For example, for morning workouts, eating a bagel, cereal, toast or anything that consists mainly of carbohydrates is a good idea because carbohydrates give you needed fuel for your workout.

If you can, add some whole fruit and juice to your breakfast for an extra boost. If you do your workout during midday, a sandwich or pasta dish will fuel your body for exercise. If you need a little lift for late day exercise, try some crackers, bagel chips or fruit mid-to-late afternoon for a head start on your energy supply.

Depending on the size of your meal or snack, you should wait those 15 to 20 minutes to let your body digest the food. In doing so, you allow your body to burn calories more efficiently and will reduce risk of those side-ache effects that can be very uncomfortable.

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