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Best Disease Defenders

Timeless Fitness Tip

Body Defenders

Following is a list of the best organs in your body that defend you against viral and other intrusive attacks that make us ill.

Body's Best Disease Defenders

Tonsils: Collections of lymph tissue in the back of the throat filter out organisms that cause infection.

Liver: White blood cells in this "filter" organ remove organisms from the blood as it passes through.

Man Blowing Nose Mucous Membranes: In the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts repel organisms and allergens and contain immunoglobulins that battle organisms that try to penetrate.

Bone Marrow: All immune-system cells start out here. White blood cells are formed, then released into circulation.

Thymus: Organ in which new white blood cells grow up, developing specialized functions.

Spleen: Removes abnormal cells from circulation.

Lymph Nodes: Act as "filters" and produce antibodies to destroy invading organisms or abnormal cells.

Skin: Keeps organisms and allergens from entering the body.

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