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Productivity or Pain?

Timeless Fitness Tip

When you begin a new workout, it is inevitable you will feel soreness but the soreness should be in the belly of the muscles, not in the joints.

Productivity or Pain

It is important that you determine the difference if you find yourself in any kind of pain after working out. Joint problems can become very painful - and serious.

The elbow, knee, hip, shoulder or lower-back joints are places you should not feel pain. Pain in any of these areas are a warning sign and should not be taken lightly.

Oftentimes, pain results from poor form. Be sure you have learned and that you practice proper form and technique for each exercise you do. Visit our Essential Exercises section for ideas and proper form for many various exercises.

If you find you feel sore on both sides of your body; such as stiffness or soreness in the muscle, you have worked out properly.

However, if you feel pain and that pain restricts movement from your joint areas in any way, you have probably injured yourself and should see a doctor or physical therapist.

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