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Burning Calories with Food

Timeless Fitness Tip

You've heard the latest fads on how to lose weight and keep it off. Well, here's yet another one of the easiest weight-loss tips you're likely to ever come across:

Foods that burn your mouth also burn up extra calories.

Burning calories with food like hot peppers

After eating any food, your metabolic rate rises. Hot spices boost that metabolism by an extra 25 percent, according to one study. Hot and spicy mustard works, too.

The study involved feeding 12 people 766 calorie meals. All of the meals were the same, but some were spiked with three grams each of chili and mustard sauce. Those who ate the spicy foods burned up to an extra 45 calories in three hours. Some individuals burned up to an extra 76 calories!

While it's a fun observation, the findings do warrant more study. Although it won't hurt you at all to add some of the "hot stuff" to your foods!

Suggested "Hot" Foods

Added Benefits

Hot foods may cause your brain to release feel good endorphins. Because hot foods increase body temperature, they can also be effective in fighting fever and relieving flu symptoms. Hot peppers can help with respiratory problems and act as an expectorant.

The Wives Tale. Many people avoid eating spicy food because they hold the old belief that they cause ulcers if eaten regularly. Luckily, for those that love spicy food, the old wives tale is not rooted in truth. Spicy food does not cause ulcers; in fact, there isn't any one type of food that actually causes ulcers.

P.S. August 19th is National Hot and Spicy Food Day!

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