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Exercise Intensity

Timeless Fitness Tip

It is not the intensity of physical activity that leads to better health and fat reduction.

Dumbbell exercise intensity

Scientists now know that important metabolic changes are triggered with moderate exertion. This low-intensity level is referred to as the "the fat-burning zone".

When you are in this zone, your body is drawing upon its reserves of stored body fat to burn as fuel. Many experts now agree lowering intensity is much better for fat burning, especially in overweight individuals.

When you push your heart rate to high intensity levels, your body uses glucose, or carbohydrates, for energy, rather than stimulating your metabolism to burn body fat.

Yoga Low intensity exercise would consist of an aerobic activity and a less intense level. For example, low-impact, slower paced aerobics, or walking at a pace that gets you warm, but does not cause you to pant, etc.

Low intensity exercise is a much less painful form of exercise. Normal walking, for example, is easy, requires no special conditioning and can be done by almost anyone for extended periods of time, when done at a moderate, comfortable pace.

You can even make your exercise time more enjoyable by listening to music, our iPod or reading a book.

After doing your low intensity exercise, you won't feel extremely tired, or "spent" and can easily resume your day. Plus, you will not be so sore that you cannot exercise the next day. This is ideal for fat burning and weight loss.

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