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More Reasons To Exercise

Timeless Fitness Tip

Knowledge. It IS Power.

Knowledge truly is power, and you can never get enough.

Expending Energy Exercising

You have to expend energy to gain energy! Sometimes just having the knowledge of the benefits to your health by incorporating exercise promotes motivation. So here are a few more beneficial facts about those benefits.

Regular exercise helps to strengthen your heart so it doesn't have to pump as hard during ordinary activities such as climbing stairs. When you are in shape, your heart actually gets more rest! As a result, you'll feel more energetic.

reclining in a lazy chair Exercise also boosts the body's production of energy when oxygen combines with calories from food within tiny "chemical factories" of the cells known as mitochondria. When you work out, your body manufactures more mitochondria, creating even more energy to fuel your muscles.

Work Your Skin

Exercise increases circulation, hence enhancing distribution of nutrients to your skin. It also ensures you get a restful sleep, giving your skin a chance to rejuvenate.

Hidden Exercise

Raking leaves, shoveling snow, cutting grass. This is exercise! All activity helps us keep fit. Take heavy yard work, for example -- treat it just as you would a more formal workout. Make sure your body is warmed up and pace yourself accordingly. Pay careful attention to they way you lift, stay hydrated and schedule breaks during the day.

Finally, exercise tames energy-draining tension. When you're stressed, your body pumps adrenaline into your system to prepare you to fight or flee. The energy you use while exercising dissipates that adrenaline rush, so you can relax.

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