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More Positive Effects of Exercise

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Circulation gains enormous benefits from regular exercise. For example, passage of blood through arteries and veins is less likely to be obstructed, therefore there is much less chance that a fit person will develop hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis.

Habitual Exercisers

Barring hereditary or other factors outside the control of the individual, habitual exercisers can generally expect their blood pressure to be within normal ranges, and blood circulation to all parts of the body will improve. More oxygen gets to the cells, waste products are removed more efficiently, and there is better balance in the blood chemistry, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke which are two key risk factors of excess weight.


Heart Eating is one of life's pleasures, but the main reason we eat is to provide fuel for the body's many energy needs. Too little fuel and the body literally runs out of energy; too much fuel and the body has no choice other than to store it as fat.

One of the most helpful benefits of exercise is that it controls the body's appetite for food, thereby regulating the volume of calories consumed. This results in a better looking body and more efficient performance.

Health and Happiness

If you want to feel better physically and mentally, sing a song, dance a foxtrot, attend a concert, explore an historical site or pick up a paintbrush. Researchers found that, on average, older adults who participate in artistic activities see the doctor less frequently, have fewer falls, and use less prescription and over the counter medicine than their counterparts who are not involved in such endeavors. Adults who engage in artistic and cultural pursuits also tend to have fewer depressive symptoms.

Not a single area of the body is unaffected by the positive effects of habitual exercise!

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