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Fitness and Freebies is fine tuned regularly - this is one page this site hopes you will never see!! Sadly, sometimes...well, you know the old saying!

We are working on a major redesign to make the site responsive; in other words, much, much more mobile friendly. Updating every single page on this very large network is making this inevitable error page impossible to avoid. We do our best.

Regarding the update, we are not removing any data unless it's repetitive. For example, all eBooks will simply be under eBooks now where previously we had some as manuals and some as eBooks. This was due to different formatting needs. We've now updated all eBooks to PDF and hope to create ePubs in future.

If you're having trouble finding what you're seeking, please use the search box in the upper right hand corner to for the information you are seeking - or peruse the menu. I'm sure it's here. And please do pardon our dust as we update.

Thank you for your understanding and most of all, for visiting!

You can also try The Articles Page if you were trying to view an article, or the Recipes Page if you were trying to access a recipe (although it's probably easier to search for a recipe). Or, you can check out the Site Map for a listing of everything on the Web site. Thank you!

If this is not the case... and you don't know how you landed here...please go Back to Fitness and Freebies Home Page and see what we've all got waiting for you.